Hi! My name is Mayuri and my wheelchair’s name is Urvi. This blog is about my journey leading to my disability, my thoughts on life on wheels, the people I meet along on the way, and of course all of my adventures with Urvi.

More about me? I am a Fighter, a Dreamer, an Optimist, a Public Servant, and lastly disabled Uniquely-Abled! I  live in the best city in the world and have called New York City my home since I was 2 years old. For most of my life, I have taken advantage of everything that the city has had to offer, from eclectic restaurants to the myriad of sights and sounds. Like any other New Yorker, I’ve taken the subway to most corners of the city and traversed across avenues to grab dinner with friends on a whim. Sadly, I took these simple things for granted. The biggest change in my life came when I started falling in late 2016. Unexpectedly, I started losing muscle in my right leg and within a few weeks, I went from using a cane to a walker, and finally a wheelchair. To help cope with my reluctant transition into a wheelchair, I chose a special wheelchair and named her Urvi. Prior to meeting Urvi, I had lost my job and went through a divorce, all within 2 years. Although it has been a crazy journey so far, I can’t stop counting all the lessons and blessings that I have received along the way.

“I shall call her Urvi, the Sanskrit word that means both heaven and earth, for in my life never have I felt so free nor so grounded at the very same moment”

More about Urvi? Urvi is no ordinary wheelchair; she’s a sleek state-of-the-art urban warrior on wheels! Urvi’s 24 different wheels make up each of her front wheels that allow for easy turning, while her power comes from her 4 wheel drive capabilities. She can be summoned through an iPhone up to 30 feet away and she knows how to make all the guys jealous with her high tech look and features – all qualities necessary to navigate the crazy streets of NYC in style. With help from family members, Urvi came to me in March 2017 and filled my life with even more surprises as I learned how to adjust to being a new wheelchair user, redefine my identity, and ultimately strive to be a better version of myself.

Side note: Every disability is different, as every individual is different, yet we are all somehow connected through our need to feel loved and understood. I definitely do not represent any particular community through my blog posts and can only write from my experiences and the people I meet, therefore I hope you will enjoy this blog and allow it to be a safe place to share stories. I welcome different perspectives, so if you have a story you’d like to share, send me a message!